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I write YA novels - paranormal, suspense, romance, etc. I love to read the same!
Lessons Learned - Sydney Logan I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was heartwarming, and actually did put a lump in my throat toward the end, and that doesn't happen often. Sarah is broken when she comes to Sycamore Falls after going through a traumatic event. She wasn't looking for love. She just wanted to live a quiet life and heal after what she went through. When she met Lucas, however, all bets were off! The guy was just so patient and kind - just what Sarah needed. Some have said that he's almost too perfect, and maybe that's true. If you need a bad boy in your romance, this story's not for you. He was certainly more patient than I would have been in the situation. There were times I wanted to shake Sarah and scream, "WOULD YOU JUST TELL HIM ALREADY!"


However, Lucas was exactly what Sarah needed. She was so hurt, so damaged by her past, that she needed a guy who could be patient with her as she worked up the courage to share that part of herself. If Lucas had pushed her, she couldn't have handled it. Which is why these two were so perfect for each other.

Sarah's relationship with Matt was one of my favorite parts of the book. I can't say too much without giving away spoilers, but he allows Sarah to be strong again, which is an incredible gift. And it was a scene with the two of them that actually brought the tears to my eyes.

Overall, a great debut from Ms. Logan, and I look forward to reading more. If you're looking for a sweet and romantic love story, you can't go wrong here. :-)